It's about time to make up some arrears and upgrade this page at last. And so, by turns:
Some people already had a chance to get to know Funeral Whore, as their demos were circulating here and there for a few years. "Step into Damnation" is their debut album , here in cassette version with 3 bonus tracks recorded during a gig in Hamburg.
The first demo Bloody Cyrograph "Primitive Rituals" should also be well known, as it's been self-released by the band in 2012. However we decided that proffesional tape will be more suitable format for such stuff paying homage to classic ones like Hellhammer etc. Also noteworthy is the remarkable artwork made by Perversor.
The Mexicans of Diabolikal Holocaust couldn't wait for releasing their debut album on CD, so we've made a cassette for them. "This is about Violence, Hate, Lucifer and Darkness".
Kampf Records for the second time have an opportunity to share in countless Abigail discography, this time with split shared with the Croatian Hell's Bomber. Maybe not too many tracks, but very specific theme: Rock'n Roll, Alcohol , Sluts & Satan - in any order you prefer.
And there is still the third demo of Grigorien entitled "Cum Infernus cepit Crucem". As we can expect from the happiest people in the world, the Danes brings us blood, plague, conflagration, ruins, destruction and death. How nice.

Currently we're working on a compilation with following bands: Battlestorm, Bestial Mölestor, Bestial Raids, Catacumba, Deathroner, Demonomancy, Et Verbi Sathanus, Goat Tyrant, Hammergoat, Hellscourge, Invocation War, Kranium Diabolikum, Kratherion, Nihil Domination, NuclearHammer, Pek, Perversor, Poisoned, Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle, Recrucify, Sadokist, Sanctifying Ritual, Satanik Goat Ritual, Throneum and Trepanación.
We've got hope and good intentions to deal with this project before the inevitable end of the world.










Hereby we would like to present three new t-shirts designs: Thorns of Hate, Catacumba and Throneum / Offence.


New releases: Throneum / Offence "No Salvation" split cassette and Morbus "Satanik Terrorist" cassette EP (yes indeed).

Thorns Of Hate, Throneum / Offence and Catacumba t-shirts are already in works...







This time only brand new stuff anywhere thus far released. Kingdom offers a dark, brutal Death Metal with Kat cover for dessert. In fact "Temple Of Death" was already recorded a year ago, but due to our laziness, ignorance and general disorganization it appears only now. Abigail / R.I.P. / Radiation / Oldblood split also had to wait a little, but in the end it's done at last. Perhaps the best description that comes to our minds to describe the contents of "United Metal Massacre" is... Fukking United Thrash Metal Massacre. Big thanks for the bands armed with patience. We won't promise to change for the better.






In last days a re-release of Digipak re-release were appeared. It is a compilation of Xantotol demos, which we've made once by common effort of Seven Gates of Hell. It is not another fake in order to earn some golden coins, but we have simply used the remaining CDs of 1000 copies, which has been pressed for Digipak version. As we know, 666 copies were out, the rest has just been found and released in standard jewel case. So we are spreading these remaining 333 CDs and we can tell you that no more compact discs or tapes will be made by ourselves. However there still remains the vinyl. Maybe someday? Maybe...

Meanwhile, at the same time with works on a Kingdom tape, we've started to prepare the split tape Abigail / Radiation / Oldblood / R.I.P. entitled "United Metal Massacre". The massacre is announced.

Also we have to mention about some internet radio program. If gigabytes of mp3s collected on your hard drive and milions of myspace profiles are not enough, you can always turn on "Kashubian Metal Attack" on Radio Paszcza. Broadcast every Tuesday 10.00 PM to 12.00 PM with underground Death/Black Metal music. Radio address:


It looks like we didn't avoid the effects of global crisis, but finally we've managed to collect the leavings of abilities and willingness to complete works on new releases.

"Abominable Triumph of Heresy" is a re-released debut demo of Thorns Of Hate from Malaysia. In principle it is an European version of re-release, because at the same time Apocalypse Venemous Records from Malaysia also announces a re-release even with bonus track. With us no bonus, but still fukking great.

And if someone wants to watch some tits and other stuff - we have something to satisfy your needs. Morbus "Diabolikalrites & Nekrosexlust" demo also isn't new, it's been released some time ago by Black Dominion Productions on CD-R. However it appeared interesting enough for us to make a cassette version.

Last but not least, we are preparing latest Kingdom stuff entitled "Temple Of Death" with four new compositions.



Some news. From new releases we can offer a debut Flagrvm "Through Torment To Belief" demo. It contains a dark, hateful Black Metal in slow/mid tempos. Seems like this stuff wasn't published anywhere, and we have it only on limited to 100 copies cassette.
Next new release is a tape version of Throneum / Suicidal Winds split-EP, which is being prepared. Four completely new tracks of this publication are available, as for now, only on a cassette limited to 350 copies.


The catalogue is almost up-to-date.




It is our privilege to present a debut Nocturnal Blood stuff. It consists of 6 tracks, which titles are speaking for themselves, so why write at length? As for now it is available only on tape, soon it has to be released also on CD and vinyl. Next compositions are already recorded and will be out on 7" EP by Muerte Negra Discos.







Bestial Raids t-shirts are ready. Weight 155 g, two-sided screen print, sizes: M, L, XL and XXL (more details in 'Releases' section).







Of course the things couldn't went without any problems, so three new releases have appeared with almost traditional delay.

For a start a tape version of Bloodthirst's "Let Him Die" debut album. It has a little changed layout regarding the CD version released by Pagan Records. Besides there's no other changes - over a half an hour of hellish Thrash Metal in good, old style.

For a dinner we have a tape re-release of "At War Under The Sign Of The Goat" demo performed by Necroholocaust. As a bonus the Canadians have added few covers being recorded since demo releasing, including "Blood Angel" for Rusty Axe Records Tribute To VON. Also not so long ago Crush Until Madness Records have released Necroholocaust / Blasphemophagher "Triumph of Abominations" split-7"EP. We believe that we don't have to recommend this stuff!

For a dessert we are serving a split-tape Interment / Paganfire (or Paganfire / Interment - as you prefer) entitled "The Oath Of Termination". If someone don't know, both bands come from Philippines, and they are kicking up the asses with total old-school Thrash Metal. From each side 4 tracks, including Sadus and Dark Angel covers. And that would be all for now.


Two new tapes. First of them is second demo of the Spanish Balmog, playing raw Black Metal reminding little an old Helheim. Their first demo "The discipline & poetry of pest" was also released in tape format by Portuguese War Productions.
Second release we don't have to describe. Everyone acquainted with up to the present work of these blasphemers from the neighbourhood of Kielce shouldn't be disappointed. CD version of the debut album was released by Canadian Morbid Moon Records (t-shirt is also available), while LP should be out till the end of 2007. At the instance of Proselytism Records from Chile there will be also released an American edition of this tape.






Next our proposal is a three-way split-CD BUXEN / AIFUR / MORDHELL. Buxen come from Italy, and it is a next project of Bard Manth, being known among the others from: Mephisto, VTA, or Manth. Their stuff is entitled "...sine morte mortuus... sine vita vivens..." and it can be defined as a dark Black Metal in slow and mid tempos.
Next band is Aifur, formed by three Sweedes cutting a massive, fast Scandinavian Black Metal. Band members are defining their music as Nihilistic Metal. Anyway those four tracks from their side are comig from recorded in 2004 "Destroying Life" promo. By the way we are recommending to acquaint everyone with their newest work "Adoratio Eversio Vivere" - very good stuff.
The last participant of this split is Polish Mordhell with stuff comming from released in 2006 "Suicide Blood" promo, consisting of 6 songs of sordid Pure Fukking Black Metal in Norwegian style.




From now there is available MORD "Christendom Perished" MC released under the Southern Lord licence. This is of course a fully professional release, and it's limited to 500 copies. Meantime the recording session of the second MORD album will be delayed. Moreover the matter of a label isn't fixed for now. Also Brazilian Hellspike Recs cancelled the release of demo "Unholy Inquisition" in tape format. Probably such version will be released in Sweden.

On the other hand there are nothing but good news from the Bestial Raids camp. Debut album is almost recorded and should be out in this spring yet on Morbid Moon Records. Besides Nuclear War Now! together with Bird of Ill Omen pressed "Order of Doom" demo into 7" EP.





Unfortunately, the time of releasing the tape version of MORD "Christendom Perished", from the technical reasons, isn't still specified. But we are promising that it will be very soon.

Meantime we are releasing MANTH "A conjuration compelling obedience" MC. It is a solo project of Bard Manth, who is involved among the others in MEPHISTO, or VTA. This stuff can be defined as some kind of reminiscences of the TRIUMPHATOR (Ita) and MALVENTO creations. The "triumphus noctis" track is available for download in 'Releases' section.

All the time we are also working on the three-way split-CD with Aifur (Swe) / Buxen (Ita) / Mordhell (Pol). We are hoping that we'll manage to end it within this witer yet.

As for the BLOODTHIRST / BESTIAL RAIDS split-MC, we have last copies of this release, so we are not trading with it anymore.